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Gallery of Living Arts, 701 West 4th Street and Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446
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Scott Carlin Tattooing for 24 years, Scott Carlin opened his first shop at the end of 1992 in a small town in Lansdale PA. getting tattooed in his senior year of high school, he knew that it was something he wanted to do as a career when he graduated. Turning down a job opportunity at Marvel Comics, he persued tattooing instead. Doing flash designs for only a couple of years was a good basis on developing the technique which grew into full custom tattoos. Starting into conventions the earlier years he traveled around the country looking at the different styles of art that was being done at the time, giving him a rounded education on designs from new school to traditional and art from different cultures. Basing ideas that have been done many times over developing his own twist on the imagery which made it different than the typical flash in studios. His 2 major influences in the business are Paul Booth and Guy Aichtinson. Looking at his work, it has a Paul Booth feel with a Guy Aichtinson organic textured look. Doing both color and black and grey work he got more in depth with the black and grey wash style for more realism and having a more darker feel to his art. He has accomplished what he set out to do and was to win awards at conventions with his custom work and to be published in tattoo magazines as well. Now from being back into his shop and taking a 6 year break from conventions he is constantly working on his style of imagery refining it to were it is today. Still doing both styles of color and black and grey, 95% of his work is sought after for his dark imagery black and grey wash. You can reach him at his studio, Gallery of Living Arts where he is by appointment only.

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