Care Instructions

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Care Instructions

Week 1: Use Bacitracin a minimum of 2-3 Times a day. Apply a thin coat of ointment on tattoo. DO NOT GLOB IT ON. Just enough so it has a shiny coat. You want your tattoo to breathe. Too much ointment can make the tattoo take longer to heal. Not enough can make the tattoo dry out and scab. Always wash your hands with a anti-bacterial soap before applying ointment on your tattoo. You can wash your tattoo at least twice a day lightly, (DON’T SCRUB IT) to get any old ointment off the skin. Then reapply a thin coat of ointment back on the tattoo. Do this for 5-7 days. After a week with the Bacitracin switch over to a “Fragrance Free” moisterizer such as Lubriderm fragrance free moisterizer 2-3 times a day minimum for the next 5-7 days. In that two week healing period no sun, picking or scratching, or swimming with your new tattoo. These things can effect the healing process. Take care of your tattoo and it will heal up faster then slower.

Recommended Ointments:
- Bacitracin or Bacitracin Zinc
- Lubriderm “Fragrance Free” Moisterizer

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